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A new digital painting is available in the “Digital Art” gallery.

Wow. It kind of feels like an eternity since I’ve produced a piece of artwork that was worth posting publicly. Feels wonderful. The idea popped in my head while I was juts doodling around in deviantArt’s new Muro drawing application. If you are interested, the quickie version from that application can be seen here. It was the first thing since May that I started doodling and actually thought “Hey, I might have something here.”

As I was working on this I had an idea in my mind of a great sea dragon birthed from the magma of an undersea volcano vent, seeming more fluid where it emerged but gaining a bit more solidity as it moved further away from the vent. I imagined it being a rare sight to see the creature while it was still bright and hot, before cooling to a darker color as it swims away.

Not at all realistic, but that’s why I do fantasy artwork and not science fiction artwork.

Not nearly enough of my artwork involves underwater volcanoes.

Date: 2010-09-05 02:43 am (UTC)
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Hi! I glanced in after you took one of the codes I posted, and saw this. :D Really well-done! I do quite a bit of digital art myself, but I'm not much good at the painting style (I lean towards more cartoony work -- you know, ridiculous black outlines, flatter colors and shading, so forth) so it's nice to see things like these.


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