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So, Alveda King recently likened same-sex marriage to genocide, because gay couples can't make babies. I realize that this was a tiny little rally of 35 people at which around 300 people showed up to protest, and that the only reason this was considered news worthy is because her uncle was our country's most famous civil-rights activist. Still, this isn't the first time I have heard the argument from opponents of gay marriage that it will cause some catastrophic population decline.

I can probably skip my rantings about legal marriage not necessarily fueling reproduction, that monogamy is probably bad for genetic diversity anyway*, how I'll worry about population decline when all of the orphanages are empty, and how offensive it is to use the term "genocide" in this context. There is a much larger hole in the logic of this argument. Most homosexuals already aren't making babies. There are stories of homosexuals who married into heterosexual marriages and had children, but most of them just continue not marry and not have children.

Unless there is some sneaky fine print in the legislation that makes same-sex marriage mandatory, the only way this argument works is if the only thing keeping a very large portion of the heterosexual population from switching teams is that one legal barrier. I don't know about anyone else, but I am quite sure that I am only sexually attracted to men. When same-sex marriage becomes legal in my state, or preferably nationwide, I am quite certain I am not going to suddenly wake up and say "I need to find me a hot wife"**. I suspect this is true of most people who identify as heterosexual.

I think it probably says something about the people who make this argument, really.

* - I am by no means anti-monogamy or anti-marriage. Nor do I consider it to be the only valid or moral lifestyle. However, if we're talking purely about sustainable population, it's really a swinger's world!
** - I am aware that there are those who would find it completely hot if this happened, but they will continue to be disappointed.


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